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Are you a homeowner or commercial building owner with roof damage? Do you need experienced and reliable general contractors in Fort Smith, AR? You can rely on Hansen Roofing and Construction for the following services:

  • Roofing installation, repair and replacement
  • Gutters/siding Installation
  • Full Remodeling (drywall, windows, flooring and concrete)
  • Fencing

Specialties of Experienced Roofing and General Contractor in Fort Smith, AR

If you’ve started to look for a roofer or general contractor, you need to find a company with a solid track record. Hansen Roofing and Construction can handle all types and sizes of jobs. We specialize in the following:

  • Roofing services: Our licensed, bonded and certified roofers are experts in installation, repair and replacement. We also help with roofing insurance claims. Call now for your free inspection!
  • Gutters/siding installation: Our general contractors complete careful work on gutter and siding installation, so your home is protected from the elements. Call now for a free quote!
  • Remodeling services: If you need full remodeling Hansen Roofing and Construction can work on every type of project. From drywall and flooring installation to concrete pouring and window installation, our remodelers can give your property a complete makeover. Call now for a free quote!
  • Fencing: When you need sturdy and long-lasting privacy fencing, our general contractors will do the job right. Call now for a free quote!

Hansen Roofing and Construction is the company that you can depend on for roofing and general contracting services. Contact us to schedule an appointment now.